PDE X - Google Summer Of Code 2013 - Code Completion, Refactoring, Quick Navigation and more for the Processing Editor

 Experimental Mode - A Mode that combined XQMode and DebugMode projects of Processing GSoC 2012

 XQMode - Google Summer Of Code 2012 - Live Error Checker for the Processing Editor

 Propeller Display - A display created using a fast rotating strip of LEDs (with video)

 Ninja Air Hockey - Object Tracking based Air Hockey Game (with video)

 Sketch Outline - Code Navigation Plugin for Processing 

 Color Selector Plus - Advanced Color Picker Plugin for Processing

 Pulse Rate Monitor - Arduino based pulse rate monitor (Project Report)

 Arduino Remote Controlled Mouse and Keyboard - Experiment to operate a PC using a TV remote (video)

 Line Maze Solver - Autonomous line maze solving bot  (video)

 Line Follower - Autonomous line following solving bot (video)

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