2 July 2014

Updates: University of California - San Diego admit, GSoC and more

It's been since 6 months since I last posted an update, and boy there have been some interesting developments!

I'm happy to share that I've been accepted into University of California, San Diego! I'll be pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science. Going to silicon valley was a long cherished childhood dream. It's exhilarating to see the dream finally coming true! :)

I'm participating in Google Summer of Code this year too. I'll be leading the development of PDE X which will form the basis of the next major Processing release. Before starting GSoC, I worked on PDE X during March-April under the Processing Foundation Fellowship. I shall share the details of my GSoC project in a separate post.

A whooping 11 GSoC projects were selected this year under the Processing Foundation. So we can expect some really amazing results by the end of the summer. The Processing team had a big Hangouts meeting in June, where a lot of GSoC goals and tasks were discussed. It was awesome to interact with fellow team members from around the globe!

I also picked up some new skills by completing two Coursera courses: Machine Learning by Andrew Ng and Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems by Adam Porter. The ML course was the more challenging one, with tricky assignments and quizzes. But it was a lot of fun to finally get that perfect score after lots of tries. The android course was less theory oriented and more practical. I learnt some interesting hands-on android prototyping. I hope I'll get around to launching that killer app one day. ;)

Final year at DTU is the time of campus placements. I landed a job offer in the month of January. It was an overseas software developer position. But I decided to opt for higher studies in the end. Looking forward to how that plays out in the coming two years. #yolo

P.S: I recently wrote a Quora answer on "How to build a good profile for graduate studies.." which you may consider checking out.

P.P.S: Stating the obvious, but I'm now finally a graduate! :D