22 September 2013

Announcing PDE X!

I'm really excited to announce the first public beta of my GSoC '13 project - PDE X!

PDE X is a Processing Mode that brings along powerful IDE features to the Processing Development Environment:

Intelligent Code Completion

Code Completion list pops up automatically after typing 2 characters. Press Enter to enter the current suggestion, or Esc to close the list. Chained completions like getCar().getID().print() are supported.

Quick Renaming(Refactoring)

You can now rename variables, methods or classes by right clicking on the name and selecting 'Rename'.
Also, you can right click on a variable, method or class name and select 'Show Usage' to see all occurrences in sketch.

Quick Navigation

Press Ctrl(Cmd on OS X) + L to bring up the sketch outline view. Just click on a name from the outline or type the name of the element in the search box and hit 'Enter' to scroll quickly to its definition. You can also press Ctrl(Cmd on OS X) + Left Click on a variable, function or class name in the editor to scroll to its definition.

PDE X also features suggestions for missing imports, an integrated debugger and live error checker. For a full list of features, check out the Getting Started wiki.


You'll need Processing 2.0.2 or higher. Click on the down arrow besides the mode switch button, and select Add Mode. In the Mode Manager window, select PDE X and click 'Install'.

(PDE X is hosted on GitHub)

Go ahead, give it a shot! For bug reports and feature requests, head over to the issues page.



  1. This looks great. Cant wait to try it out. Thanks!

  2. Quick Renaming IMHO was very needed for PDE! :)

  3. Live-coding (java hotswap) in the debugger would be a killer feature!

  4. Fantastic, thanks so much for making this!!

  5. could you please tell me how to install this processing mode offilene or manual.. I'm not able to install it online.. plz help..

    1. Sure. Check out the wiki, I added the instructions - https://github.com/processing/processing-experimental/wiki/Getting-Started#how-to-install

    2. Hi Manindra
      I am running windows 10, downloaded and added PDex to the mode folder, but PDex not showing in the Mods window of processing

  6. Thank you. Thank you so much.