10 July 2013

Updates: Processing 2.0, Experimental Mode

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I'll be sharing some of the major updates in this post.

The biggest of them being Processing has now moved on to a new stable version 2.0! Along with an awesome new logo and PDE interface, this version introduces many new features, and major improvements to its core libraries. You can check out the change log here. If you've been keeping up with the alpha and beta releases, you'd know that the Processing team has been hard at work, pushing out new beta versions every few months. The Processing community and forum has been supportive in the entire journey.

New logo for 2.0, designed by Casey Reas
Processing code-base has now moved to GitHub. The move from svn to git is a welcome change and collaboration is now much more easier. GitHub pull requests FTW! The google-code project page will be used for releases.

Last summer Martin and I had worked on two separate GSoC Processing projects - Debug mode and XQMode. These modes brought important features to the PDE. But even though their functionality were complimentary, they couldn't be used together. Ben Fry took the decision to merge the two into a single mode. I was assigned with this task. After a few small bumps in the road, I was successful in integrating them together. After some more fixes during the beta versions, it was ready to ship. We're calling it 'Experimental Mode'. It's been added as a core mode and is a part of Processing 2.0. It was an amazing feeling to see my code ship as a part of a stable release! :)

I've also been selected this year in Google Summer of Code '13 to work for Processing. I'll be sharing the details of my project in the next post. 


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